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Black Friday Guide to Professional Shoes

Black Friday can be a great time to find great deals on high quality pieces for your work (or play!) wardrobe, but it's important to go in with a plan so you don't get up with a bunch of items that you've impulse bought and will never wear.  I started thinking about my Black Friday "wish list" today, and wanted to share some of the sales and items I'm most excited about with you! 

Combatting the Impostor Syndrome with Personal Style

Personal style at work is not a frivolous pursuit or a feminine indulgence.  It's a way to boost our confidence and stay true to ourselves in a corporate environment that can often make us feel at best like a little cog in a giant wheel and at worst like an unworthy impostor.  Wearing outfits that reflect my personal taste and style is an outward way of demonstrating to myself and others that I am capable and can be successful just as I am.

How to Decide When to Splurge

Mixing high and low pieces is a great way to make your wardrobe look and feel a bit more high-end than it is, but which items are worth splurging on?  There are a couple rules of thumb that I follow when deciding whether a piece is a good investment.